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After the Pict’s managed to conquer the whole of Britain, the new “Anarchy” Module was added. There was only a brief peace before a massive civil war broke out with every Noble able to attack the lands of every other noble. Eventually the War led to 30 Independent factions forming, one for each landowning noble. Lets see what happens now as these factions fight it out for domination.

Changes this week:

— New “Anarchy” module that allows infighting whenever one Kingdom achieves dominance

— New “Player colours” added to the game

— New “Kingdom Collapse” module that creates independent kingdoms for each landowning noble

— The scoreboard was reset for April

— New decision menu developed that gives each player one decision to make every 12 hours


- The game now shows diplomatic status on front page

- Player activity added to the scoreboard

- The message buttons are rearranged to make them easier to use

- Rebellion cost is now linked to the number of kingdoms in the game

- Bugs with the scoreboard, messages from destroyed kingdoms and a bug that affected the income display for high lords in the tribal kingdom type fixed

- Norway scheduled to be added to territories

- Kickstarter now live here


- Recently added ‘Roles’ to help Rulers both reward their fellow players in their kingdom, and create more structure to the way Kingdoms function


- Moving all the chat pages together, and adding a new “High Lord” chat for all the elites of a Kingdom to get together and make secret plans

- Public messages now cost 15 Papers each

- Inactive players will silently slip out of sight in the kingdom page, and stop receiving income from territories; if they start being more active they will be automatically returned to where they were

- Small cosmetic improvements to many of the tables and the addition of a new map, and overview link to the toolbars and a link to the new News page