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At the moment the game allows you to fight and conquer territories in the British Isles and Ireland.

The list of territories can be found in the All Territories section. These are:

Aberdeen - Anglesey - Argyll/Antrim - Buckinghamshire - Caerphilly - Carmarthenshire - Cheshire - Clare - Cork - Cornwall - Cumbria - Denbighshire - Devon - Dorset - Down - East Ayrshire - Essex - Galway - Gloucestershire- Gwynedd - Hampshire - Highland - Isle of Man - Isle of Wight - Kent - Lanark - Lincolnshire - Longford - Mayo - Meath - Merthyr Tydfil - Moray - Norfolk - Northamptonshire - Northumberland - Nottingham - Offaly - Orkney - Perth - Powys - Scottish Borders - Somerset - Staffordshire - Tyrone - West Sussex - Wexford - Wiltshire - Yorkshire - Zetland

A Territory Map is also visible by clicking the bottom right of your screen.

Once your army is big enough you can go and Attack Territories.

In order to attack a territory, you must be a member of a kingdom and your kingdom must be at war. You can only attack territories belonging to an enemy kingdom and then only those territories which border on your kingdom (territories your kingdom controls).

You can also choose to Reinforce Territories instead - whether these are yours or under the control of other players in your Kingdom.

All territory names are not final, as they can be changed with enough gold!