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Resources are an important part of your settlement. Each resource is a building material for different things, and that is what we are going to explain.


Food is used mostly for making, sending and retrieving troops. If you don't end up producing enough food, you will not be able to retrieve some of your troops after attacking or be able to send any to ally players. it is used in buildings, but only in a select few.


Silver is by far, the most abundant resource in the game. It can be used many, many ways. First, it is used for Army Recruitment. Next, it is used for decisions, which will help you gain things such as other resources. You can also use silver to buy actual troops in the military section of your settlement. Finally, it is used in buildings, but in a very small amount.


Wood is vital to starting a settlement. It is used in almost everything you will build, and sometimes in large amounts. Certain buildings, such as houses and iron storage, will need a much larger amount of wood compared to other buildings. But nevertheless, it is one of, if not the most important resource.


Iron is a resource used for a couple different things. First, it is used in Army Recruitment. It is used in building. some buildings will take a very large amount of iron compared to others, such as the farm and lumber outpost.


Stone is another resource used mostly for building. It is used for about half of the buildings and is most notably needed for silver storage.


Books, or as some people call it, paper, is used for mostly transporting troops. If you do not have this resource, you will not be able to transport your troops. It is also used in a select few buildings, but in small amounts, except for library and horse breeder. it is also used in one of the decisions.


Horses are used for a few different things. First, it can be used to train scouts and heavy Calvary. Next, it is one of the main resources used in transporting units, as it is used no matter which one you try to bring back.


Spears are used for a few things. First, it is used to train infantry and heavy cavalry. Next, it is used to transport the actual infantry and heavy cavalry. Finally, it is also in the decisions menu.


Bows are used to train archers and heavy cavalry, and to transport them.


Population is a resource that will increase all your production.


Levies are used in Army Recruitment, and used in all of the troops in a 1 to 1 ratio.