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Welcome to Survive The Dark Ages Wiki

Survive the Dark Ages is a free web based strategy game set in a world that you create yourself.

This Wiki is for players to share information on the game, the Kingdoms they have built, and other information that may be of use to other players.

Adding to this Wiki

All players are encouraged to help build and maintain this Wiki adding game information and tips, and also flavor text describing your settlements and kingdoms.

To make a new page, enter the page name in the search box and if it does not exist, you will see a message like this:

Create the page "pagename" on this wiki! 

Click on the page name to build the page (making sure to link it in to other pages on the Wiki that are relevant).

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Every player in Survive the Dark Ages has their own personal Settlement.

When you are logged in you can find your settlement in the settlement section

Your settlement is where you create your resources, and recruit levies who can be trained in to troops, and purchase other upgrades.

Settlements cannot be attacked, instead they provide you with the resources you will need to take part in the greater wars going on in your kingdom.

More information is available on the settlements page.


As you try to purchase upgrades you may find yourself limited in terms of resources.

It may then be the right time for you to visit the Trade Offers section to see if the resources you are lacking are available for trade.

You can also set up the terms of the trade yourself through the Make a Trade section.

More information is available on the Trade page.

Army Recruitment

Once you have enough levy you can start thinking of Army Recruitment. Depending on the resources available in the settlement they can train to become infantry, scouts, archers or heavy cavalry.


At the moment the game allows you to fight and conquer territories in the British Isles and Ireland.

The list of territories can be found in the All Territories section and the territories page of this Wiki.


There are six Kingdoms fighting for control of the British Isles and Ireland:

Gododdin - Gwynedd - Ireland - Norse–Gaels - Pictland - Wessex

As for settlements type you can choose who you want to fight for and choose your kingdom.

Watch out: once you decide to leave a kingdom to join another you won't be able to re-join your old kingdom unless the ruler changes.

Every Kingdom has its own private chat section that can only be seen by Lords and Ladies in the same Kingdom.

Kingdoms fight against each other to hold territories. Each territory provides income to all the lords in a kingdom.

The amount each Lord gets depends on the kingdom type which is picked by the Ruler of a kingdom


Every lord or lady in the kingdom can decide that they want to rebel. Once they make thus decision, they will automatically join any revolt that starts in their Kingdom.

They also get the option to start a revolt themselves, with all other rebel lords joining them in a new Rebel kingdom. This costs 50 Gold, and makes the Rebel leader the ruler of a new Kingdom representing the Rebels. The rebel kingdom might also gain territories held by the kingdom they are rebelling against.

In particular:

Territories where the Garrison commander has joined the rebellion. Territories that don't have a garrison commander Territories where the Garrison commander is inactive As well as a portion of the territories held by the ruler of the kingdom they are rebelling against.


Rulers of kingdoms have the option to engage in diplomacy with other Kingdoms. There are three levels of relationship possible:

Enemies: kingdoms that you can attack at will, you will have very limited trade with the lords in the kingdom.

Neutral: you cannot attack them, and your trade options are still a bit limited.

Allies: you cannot attack them and can trade much more freely with them.

Any ruler can start a war with a neutral or allied kingdom. Creating a truce or alliance requires one ruler to send a proposal, and the other ruler to accept it.