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Survive The Dark Ages.

Survive the Dark Ages is a free web based strategy game set in a world that you create yourself.

This Wiki is for players to share information on the game, the Kingdoms they have built, and other information that may be of use to other players.

Adding to this Wiki

All players are encouraged to help build and maintain this Wiki adding game information and tips, and also flavor text describing your settlements and kingdoms.

To make a new page, search for a page and if it does not exist, you will see a message like this:

Create the page "Pagename" on this wiki! See also the page found with your search.

Click on the page name to build the page (making sure to link it in to other pages on the Wiki that are relevant).


Every player in Survive the Dark Ages has their own personal Settlement.

When you are logged in you can find your settlement in the settlement section

Your settlement is where you create your resources, and recruit levies who can be trained in to troops, and purchase other upgrades.

Settlements cannot be attacked, instead they provide you with the resources you will need to take part in the greater wars going on in your kingdom.

More information is available on the settlements page